Have ever you ever wanted to know more about all those posts your friends and friends of friends are posting that you’re seeing on instagram, facebook, reddit, and buzz channels? How to properly eat Japanese cuisine (Sushi) at that fancy Jap restaurant that sounds something like Gu gaku that you see on someone's story? How the life is for that guy you see at the that does 300 bench? Your friend just went to see a G-eazy show and now you want to see what’s up with the thug life. You sit down at a cafe want to know how to start a conversation with a hipster. How to get and have a meaningful date with someone foreign?

What’s behind the lifestyles and cultures of the people you see on FB and IG?

How to simply ignite that connection with someone both familiar and unfamiliar?We at Zeitgeist are giving people the opportunity to learn about culture, subculture, and lifestyle in a easy way. We’re the other guys you go to when you run out of stuff to read or see on your FB and IG feeds. We’re also here to connect you to other people.Type your paragraph here.